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If you’re looking for a good, point based timeshare vacation resort system, affiliated with resorts all over the US, you should check out Worldmark by Wyndam.  At present, the company apparently has more than 60 resorts around the US and Canada, and they even boast a few in Fiji and Mexico!

Originally many of the resorts spots were located on the West Coast but they have since expanded this to include other States as well such as Orlando, New Orleans, Missouri, Utah and Colorado too to where there are now resorts in most popular vacation spots all over the United States. Worldmark is, without a doubt, still your best option for vacationing on the West Coast.

If you are interested in the occasional overseas vacation, Worldmark are also affiliated with RCI (Resort Condominiums International) and as such can offer deals on international locations as well. Originally, they were affiliated with Interval International, so if you pick up Worldmark credits on a resale, it may still be possible to get the II affiliation, which for many people is preferable to RCI.

Worldmark work on a point based system only.  Rather than booking or reserving a specific location, and ‘buying’ shares in a hotel or resort, you simply buy points and then cash them in when paying for your accommodation at the resort of your choice. This means that you are not limited to going back to the same vacation spot year after year, but rather you can choose a different location each time you decide it is vacation time.  You can also decide when and where to cash in your points, and vary the length of your vacation as well.  It is all dependent on the number of points you have bought and how you decide to cash them in.

While there are a lot of other point based systems available, many of them still hold to the traditional and original timeshare system.  In these other systems you would book a specific unit or rooms in a resort for a specific timeframe, and then if you wanted to vacation in a different location you would have to convert your week into points (at an additional cost and exchange fee) that could be used at an alternative location.  This is a very clumsy way to plan your vacation. The flexibility of Worldmark being a point based only system really offers ease of use and convenience.

Another real plus with Worldmark, something that has made them one of the more popular point based resort systems, is that there are very low transfer fees affixed to their points.  Because of this, and the ease of transferring ownership of points, they are readily available for very cheap prices on popular auction sites such as eBay.    This also means that you can easily sell your Worldmark points too, if the need for this arises.

Worldmark Credits is one of the most popular timeshare programs. With most of their properties located in the west, it is a particularly great timeshare system to join if you like to vacation in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada and other western states. Worldmark are also increasing their range of properties located in the East and already have a few locations in Florida. Basically if you are looking for a great points program with lots of properties, Worldmark can’t be beat.

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