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Unfortunately when it comes to finding a Yellowstone timeshare, there are very few options that are actually convenient for visiting the park. You will be looking at traveling a good 30-70 miles every day if you are staying anywhere outside the park entrances just due to the massive size of Yellowstone.

If you don’t mind the driving however, you do have some choices to consider in both Montana and Wyoming, so let’s take a look at what’s available in West Yellowstone, Big Sky and Jackson Hole, all of which are less than two hours’ drive to one of the park entrances. Addresses and telephone numbers are at the bottom of this entry.

West Yellowstone Timeshare Rental or Exchange

Worldmark has a resort in West Yellowstone. I personally think it is a bit of pain to travel to and from West Yellowstone each day if you want to explore the park thoroughly, but for most folks this is going to be your best option. While there is a park entrance literally on West Yellowstone’s doorstep, you’ll need to travel a good 20-30 miles into the park to see any of the major sites — for example, Old Faithful is a 30 mile drive from the West Yellowstone entrance. Although you may get lucky and see some animals during the drive. The last time I trekked into the National Park from W. Yellowstone I saw lots of Elk.

In addition to the WorldMark resort, there is the timeshare Yellowstone Village, but thought it is an RCI affiliate, it is not a purpose-built timeshare resort. It may suit your needs however if you just need some place that is actually close to the park.

Big Sky Timeshares

Further away, there are a few resorts in Big Sky, Montana. Big Sky is about 57 miles from the park entrance in West Yellowstone. The Big Sky timeshares are Big Sky Resort (Interval International affiliate) and Lake Condominiums at Big Sky (RCI affiliate). Big Sky is a great skiing destination so there is plenty to do in this area as well.

Jackson Hole Timeshares

If you are planning on visiting Grand Teton National Park as well as Yellowstone NP, one option is to stay in one of the timeshares in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There are three different Jackson Hole timeshare resorts and while it isn’t as close to Yellowstone NP as I would like, it might work for you if the park isn’t your only destination. Jackson Hole is closest to the South Entrance to Yellowstone and that route takes you right through Grand Teton National Park. The timeshares in Jackson Hole are Towncenter at Jackson Hole, Jackson Pines, Jackson Hole Racquet Club and Spring Creek Ranch.

Jackson, Wy is about 70 miles away from Yellowstone, so it isn’t really ideal as a base, but the area has a lot to offer, including the much quieter Grand Teton NP. If you wanted to visit Yellowstone from there, I would recommend trying to camp in Yellowstone overnight or stay at one of the lodges and then returning to Jackson Hole the next day rather than trying to do it as a day trip.

Visiting Yellowstone

Just keep in mind that no matter what time of year you are visiting Yellowstone park, you need to make your reservations for accomodation very far in advance. This is true of any timeshare near Yellowstone National Park and the regular types of accomodation. The Worldmark resort is usually completely booked so as soon as you are able to make reservations, do so. I would recommend the same for the other resorts as well, and of course, you will also want to think very far ahead if you want to stay at at lodge or cabin inside the National Park itself. It books as far as a year in advance!

In my opinion, staying at one of the Lodges or cabins inside Yellowstone National Park is really the best way to experience everything the park has to offer. You’ll be able to get up at dawn to see the sun rise and you can stay and watch sunset or go watch Old Faithful erupt in the moonlight rather than having to worry about driving many miles in the dark back to your condo. You can check out lodging availability in Yellowstone online.

West Yellowstone Timeshares

WorldMark West Yellowstone
110 Gray Wolf Avenue, West Yellowstone, MT
(406) 646-7561

Yellowstone Village Condominiums
P.O. Box 973, West Yellowstone, MT 59758
(406) 646-7335 (800) 276-7335

Big Sky Timeshares

Big Sky Resort
P.O. Box 160001
Big Sky, MT 59716
(406) 995-5000

Lake Condominiums at Big Sky
1500 Turkey Leg Road
PO Box 160001, Big Sky, MT 59716
(406) 995-3500

Jackson Hole Timeshares

Towncenter at Jackson Hole
325 W. Broadway, PO Box 967, Jackson Hole, WY 83001
(307) 733-2485

The Aspen (formerly known as Jackson Pines)
PO Box 967, Jackson Hole, WY 83001
(307) 733-2486

Jackson Hole Racquet Club
JHRC Condo Share
4010 W Lake Creek Drive, Suite C, Wilson, WY 83014
(307) 733-2326

Spring Creek Ranch
PO Box 4780
1800 Spirit Dance Road, Jackson, WY 83001
(800) 443-6139

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